"L'Amour de son prochain" /" Love Thy Neighbour "
by Benoit Maestre


To see the film, with english subtitles :

L'Amour de son prochain / Love Thy Neighbour... par Benmae

The teaser : https://vimeo.com/61457903

HD 16/9 . 2013. Stéréo. 1h20. French language . English subtitles.

Alain meets Estelle in unsetting circumstances. They'll then have to share a heavy secret. What they don't know is that a witness, Balthazar is watching them...

On the verge of film noir and dark burlesque, a dramatic fantasy about lonelinesses bumping into each other.

Screenplay, direction, photography and editing : Benoît Maestre

Cast : Hélène Dedryvère, Denis Rey, Didier Le Gouic,  Guillaume Destrem, François Fehner, Marion Bouvarel, Samuel Mathieu,  Véni Lacombe, Sarah Cousy, Laurent Nassiet, Richard Vergnes

Sound :  Emmanuelle Schies et Mathieu Soudais

Original soundtrack and mixing : Mathius Shadow-Sky

Luciole Prod / La Trame 2013

More informations about the film :
Film under Licence Creative Commons By-NC-Nd 2.0

It's a very independent production made with only 4500 Euros (5880 $US)
The actual budget of the film is 4500 euros :
- 1500 euros paid by the director for the costs of filming
- 3000 euros in aid for the creation of film music (Gindou Cinema) for the original composition by Mathius Shadow-Sky.

Selected festivals :
Queen City Film Festival (USA), Electric Lantern International Film festival (UK), Big Cardiff Mini Film Festival (UK),
Kastav Film Festival (Croatia), Lewiston Auburn Film Festival (USA), Bare Bones Film Festival (USA), Emerge Film Festival, Sanford International Film Festival (USA),
Mayday Film Festival (USA), SM13 Film Festival (France)

Online Film Festivals :
Undercannes Underground Film Festival (best feature french film), 12 Months Film Festival (Roumanie, 2ème prix narrative feature), Direct Online Film Festival (best feature film - july 2015), Southeast Film Festival (« Top 5 Award »), Los Angeles Cine Fest, Wiper Film Festival, IOFF, All Seas Film Festival (USA), Wiper Film Festival, VOFF, DMOFFest, Barcelona Planet Film festival, Indie Film Festival (Suisse), Russian International Film festival, Broken Knucle Film Festival, Indie Film Festival…

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MayD-Day Film Festival


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The director : Benoit Maestre
website (in french) :
Independent filmmaker. Live in Toulouse, in the south of France.
Short films :"Les Pantins ", "Le Noyé", "Mon Ombre" "Groenland", many short documentaries and two underground narrative features before "Love Thy Neighbour" : "Vigilance" and "Eliminatoires"


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